Southern Maryland Amateur Golf Tournament

Breton Bay Golf and Country Club

June 14-16, 2024


2024 Southern Maryland Amateur Rules of Play

    • Format:
      The tournament is 54 holes at stroke play. There will be three divisions: a Super Senior Division, a Senior Division and a Regular Division.
      The Super Senior Division will compete from the GREEN TEES (Ages 80+) and GOLD TEES (65-79 years old)
      The Senior Division will compete from the WHITE TEES (55-64 years old)
      The Regular Division will compete from the BLUE TEES (54 and under years old).

    • Preferred Lies:
      Preferred lies will be in effect. Players will be permitted to improve their lie one club length not nearer the hole in their own fairway. The ball’s position must be marked when picking it up. The ball may be cleaned before replacing. Once the ball is placed, it is in play and may not be repositioned a second time.

    • Embedded ball:
      The embedded ball rule is in effect “Through the green”.

    • Out of bounds:
      Out of bounds is defined by white stakes on holes # 1,2,4,5,6, and 14. The roads bordering the course are considered O.B. if the ball lies on or crosses the roads. The road that cuts behind hole #1 green and #2 tee is NOT Out-of-Bounds.

    • Penalty Areas/Ground under repair:
      • Penalty Areas will be marked with red and yellow stakes or red and yellow paint.(USGA Penalty Areas explanation)
      • The ditch on the left of #7 and the right of #18 is a lateral penalty area and will be marked with red stakes or red paint.
      • The area to the right of the cart path on Hole #16 is deemed Lateral penalty area after the bridge up to the 17th black tee box. If you can find it, you can:
        1) Play it as it lies
        2) Take a drop in the drop zone with a 1 stroke penalty. If your ball crosses the lake but enters the penalty area you may use the Drop Zone located on the green side of the lake. Otherwise, you must use the Drop Zone below
      • You can use the Drop Zone provided before the pond as an alternative dropping area on #16 if a tee shot or 2nd shot entered the water penalty area prior to the bridge.
      • Ground under repair will be defined by white lines.
      • Any balls that come to rest in a Mulched Bed is entitled to free relief, no closer to the hole.

    • Hole #10 ONLY: Please be aware that the ditch past the 150-yard marker now has VERY HIGH and THICK GRASS and is being played as a Red Penalty Area, this is for hole 10 ONLY not 12.

    • Ruling:
      If you are in doubt as to a ruling, play two balls and see Dave Eaton, PGA or Kevin Ferris for a ruling upon completion of your round. To help with Pace of Play, please always play a provisional if you are unsure if your original ball is in play.

    • Playoffs:
      Regular Championship and Senior Championship Flights playing off for 1st place will be played off starting on #18 and returning the #18 for any additional playoff holes. All other Flights playing off for 1st place will be played off starting on #1 and continuing to the following holes until a winner is determined.

    • Other Tie-breaking Rules:
      1. Lowest back 9 hole Sunday score
      2. Lowest 18 score on Sunday
      3. Best score hardest handicapped hole on Sunday

    • Awards, food, and beverages:
      • Food and beverages (water, soda, beer, and mixed drinks) will be all handed to the player by the designated tournament assistants. Players cannot retrieve these items themselves.
      • Beverages will be available starting at 7:30 am each morning and food available at 10am.
      • Instead of the traditional large group awards ceremony, as soon as a flight's standings are finalized, the players will be provided their trophies and gift cards.
      • Since there won't be a group awards ceremony with food this year, the tournament is providing three vouchers to each player which will permit you to use a single voucher for a free hamburger, hot dog, sausage, or mixed drink. Sodas and water are always free. These vouchers are only redeemable during the three tournament days.

    • Rules of Play:
      • Local Rules will be utilized for this tournament to improve Pace of Play.
      • Lost ball or out of bounds. If a player cannot find their ball or if it’s out of bounds, the player has two options:
        1. Hit a provisional ball from the original location as is the standard rule. This incurs the shot and distance penalty so the player on a drive would now be laying 3 after hitting their provisional ball. Once a provisional ball has been played, the local rule cannot be used for the original ball but could be used for the provisional ball.
        2. Use the local rule which allows the player to drop a ball within two club lengths into the fairway, no nearer the hole, perpendicular to where the ball was lost or went OB. The player would then be hitting their 4th shot from that location. (USGA Stroke and Distance explanation attached)
      • You may move your ball one club length in the fairway no closer to the hole.
      • Rakes will be provided in the bunkers, so please rake the bunker after playing your shot from the bunker.

    • Pace of Play
      The Southern Maryland Amateur policy leaves the responsibility for maintaining the pace of play with the player. Efficient pace of play is a huge factor in a successful and positive Southern Maryland Amateur experience for all participants in accordance with Rule 6-7 of the USGA® Rules of Golf.

    • Lead Groups
      • The first group(s) must finish their first nine holes within the maximum allotted time established by the committee which is 2 hours 15 minutes.
      • If the lead group finishes over the maximum allotted time after nine holes, each player in the group will be assessed a 2-stroke penalty on their 9th hole.
      • The first group(s) off each tee must also finish 18 holes within the maximum allotted time established by the committee which is 4 hours 30 minutes.
      • Failure to finish under this maximum allotted time for 18-holes will result in a 2-stroke penalty, which will be assessed to the score on the final hole of play.

    • Following Groups
      • A 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to any group failing to complete their 9th hole within 14 minutes of the group in front of them AND over their maximum allotted time
      • A 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to any group failing to complete their 18th hole within 14 minutes of the group in front of them AND over their maximum allotted time
      • Players are advised of the following:
        • Rules officials are not required to notify a player and/or group that they are behind.
        • Each group is responsible for monitoring its own pace. Being in position means to be immediately behind the group in front of you.
        • As a courtesy to each player, the pace of play policy will be reiterated on the starting hole
        • As a courtesy to each player, the maximum allotted time will be on your official scorecard

    • Concerned Players and Appeals
      A player concerned about slow player(s) in a group should first remind that player of the pace of play policy and encourage them to play more efficiently. The concerned player may, before or after penalties are assessed, request an Official to monitor the group. If a player is identified as holding up the pace of the group, penalties may be applied to that player and rescinded from the others. Appeals for exceptional situations will be considered only in the scoring area after the completion of the round and prior to the return of a player’s scorecard.

    • Flights:
      The Southern Maryland Amateur Committee reserves the right to move participants forward in flights if their tournament scores are not an accurate representation of their handicap.

    PLEASE PLAY READY GOLF!!!! Good Luck and Good Golfing!!